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Partial Solar Eclipse on October 14, 2004

Written by Toshimi Taki
October 15, 2004
October 14, 2004, 2:53:49 UT

Data of Partial Solar Eclipse at Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

Start of Eclipse: 1:48.1 UT
Maximum Eclipse: 2:37.3 UT, Maximum Magnitude: 0.181
End of Eclipse: 3:26.6 UT

Telescope and Setup

I observed the solar eclipse with 50mm, F.L.500mm refractor which was built by myself 30 years ago. The image of the Sun was projected on a white paper with Kellner 25mm eyepiece as shown in figure 1. I took photographs of the projected image with a digital camera, Canon IXY Digital 200.

Figure 1. Telescope and Setup


I started the observation just after the maximum of the eclipse because I was out home in the morning. It was a clear day and perfect condition for the observation.

Figure 2. Progress of Eclipse

Figure 3. 2:53:49 UT

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