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My name is Toshimi Taki. I live in a small city near Nagoya in Japan. I am an Aircraft Structure Engineer by profession.

I have been an amateur astronomer for over 30 years. I am a member of Oriental Astronomical Association, which is the oldest amateur astronomy club in Japan. I am interested in telescope making and visual observation of deep sky objects. I wrote three articles in Sky and Telescope on telescope making.

Structural Analysis
- Tools for Observation
- My Telescopes
- Observation
- Telescope Making
- Astronomical Computing

My Articles in Sky & Telescope

[1] Toshimi Taki, "A New Concept in Computer-Aided Telescopes," Sky & Telescope, February 1989, pp.194-196.

[2] Toshimi Taki, "Mirror Support : 3 or 9 Points?" Sky & Telescope, September 1994, pp.84-87.

[3] Toshimi Taki, "More Thoughts on Mirror-Cell Design," Sky & Telescope, April 1996, pp.75-77.

Related Articles

[1] David Lewis, "Cures for Unsupportive Mirror Cells," Sky & Telescope, June 1999, pp.132-135.
David Lewis developed mirror cell design optimization program, "Plop". He uses my FEA (Finite Element Analysis) program called "Plate" for his "Plop".
Plop is available at David Lewis's Home Page.

[2] Mark Holm, "Mirror-Cell Design with Plop," Sky & Telescope, March 2005, pp.119-122.

[3] "Taki's Online Star Atlas introduced in 'Books & Beyond' Department," Sky & Telescope, June 2005, p.103.

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